Growing up I envisioned myself living in a huge house with a large backyard and cleaning crew. I imagined myself as the boss at some medical devices company. Marrying and children were not on the list since I wanted to be a strong, successful, and independent woman. Fast forward 20+ years and I now know that I had no idea what I was talking about!!! I didn’t realize this until I started really facing my fears and moving beyond them.

My life today

So, what does my life actually look like these days. Who am I? Well, I am a mom to two energetic and spirited children. I am a wife and partner to a wonderful man. My home is a 26ft travel trailer and my family and I travel together full time. There is no staff (hence the messy surroundings and the simple meals), there’s one vehicle, and we use a public laundry facility. It is basically the total opposite of the life I thought I wanted and needed so many years ago.

I look at my life now and I see it as successful. It is the life that I have now, it is the life that I want, and I chose all of it.

The Transition

In making this transition, I was facing fears. Facing fears of appearing like a failure, facing fears of being a mom, facing fears of redefining my career goals… I had to go against everything and everyone around me that defined success as having the big house, the career, and independence (having all my own things/goals/achievements). The thing is that I hated the house, once I had kids my career wasn’t as important, and being a part of a family – a mom, a wife, didn’t mean I was dependent…my entire life view changed.

How RV living changed my life and helped me face AND overcome my fears!!

How has facing fears changed me? Am I now fearless?

NO!!! It means I am willing to examine my life and challenge myself. I challenge the status quo and take a path this is fulfilling to me and that brings me joy and satisfaction.

Everyday is not amazing and perfect. Each day I try to figure out this life and how to be the person I really am and to pursue my passions and gifts. It involves facing my fears each day. I’m paving my own path each and every day.

 How RV living changed my life and helped me face AND overcome my fears!!

This life has led us to question everything

We take each day and go with it. If it doesn’t’ work, we try something else. We are willing to fail to get to where we need to be.

We have grown together as a family and we are slowly learning who we are and where we fit in this world.

When I worked full time in an office, I talked to people from around the world and with advanced degrees, but my world impact and exposure to a different way of living was small. My world impact has actually increased now that we have done the “unheard of” and the “crazy thing”…

We reach more people as a RVing family then we ever did living in our 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. Although it can be scary putting ourselves out there, it is also wonderful to learn that we are impacting people’s lives for the better. We are encouraging others to do what makes them happy.

facing fears

Final Thoughts

I’m no expert on life, nor do I need to be, but I can tell you this – challenging everything I had ever done or believed about life and success has been the greatest thing I have and continue to do…

Don’t let facing fears keep you where you are are. Dig deep, find yourself, and go against that fear and defeat it!!

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8 thoughts on “RV Living and Facing Fears

  1. Jessica, I liked your perspective. Long ago, I left the corporate world to start my own business when my family was young. After 5 years I returned to the corporate world. But I have never regretted my decision. It did 2 things for me. It gave me confidence in myself and the knowledge that money did not equate to happiness. Had I not followed my desire, I would have always wondered “what if…”. I would suggest that your early dreams have become reality. You have a house with one of the biggest backyards imaginable. You have a cleaning crew, although as a mom, you may need to do a bit of nudging to get the kids to help out. I think you are on the right path.

  2. As I was trying to get back to sleep very early this morning (the dogs woke me up) I was thinking about how long and hard I’d worked simply to have a house I was proud of, and how much my thinking on that has changed in the last year or two.

    Not only is it not really mine (it’s mortgaged like most every other home in the U.S.), but it sucks up too much of our lives (if only I had that cleaning crew!).

    As Mike suggested in his comment, we don’t know the reality of our dreams until we experience them, so I suppose there’s no point in dwelling on whether past goals were right or wrong. Life’s more about the journey anyway.

    Jessica, I really like what you wrote about questioning everything, taking each day as it comes & running with it or trying something else if things don’t work. And this especially: “We are willing to fail to get where we need to be.”

    Beautiful coincidence (or not) to wake up (for the second time) to your message about shrugging off the weight of fears about what others will think of our lives.

  3. Hi Mike. So many people are afraid to take the chance. I think it’s great that you left corporate America and did your own thing. I also think it’s great that you were able to return when it was right for you. It makes a huge difference in how you see yourself and in knowing that you tried something that you felt strongly about. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. Teresa, thank you so much for reading and responding. We are always reminding ourselves of what we are doing and why we are doing it. It’s true, there’s no sense in regretting choices or thoughts from the past. I guess the biggest thing is to remember that our ideas and dreams may change drastically. Our life is indeed a journey. Hopefully one in which we search within ourselves and find out who we really are and to be true to who we truly are. 🙂

  5. I really loved this article and I admire your desire to not only face your fears but I feel like you also showed how powerful you are by blessing others and sharing your insight!. Thank you

    1. Thank you! We know that we are here for others. That our experiences are not only for our knowledge and growth, but for that of others. 🙂

  6. I came to the rving life in a much different way. It wasn’t a choice. I ran from an abusive relationship and couldn’t afford a home or apartment, so I bought a travel trailer. It’s been 2 years now. It’s definitely had its rough patches more than easy ones, but I’m getting better at it and learning so much about myself. And fears have been many, but immediately trying to conquer all. My newest challenge, trying to adopt a dog. Without a fenced immune yard, most like 99% won’t let you adopt a dog. Ridiculous I know. I’m not giving up. I’m about to receive an inheritance, I have no idea how much. I’ve thought of buying a house cuz my passion is gardening. We’ll have to see. There’s still many places I’d loved to see. Maybe I’ll get a new truck and trailer instead. Peace

    1. Hi Carolyn. Wow, I’m glad that you were able to get out of that relationship. It is a beautiful thing that you are facing and conquering your fears and that 2 years later, you are making the best of living in a TT. The RV experience is definitely an interesting one and it really makes a difference how you came to it. I hope you are able to find the right organization to adopt a dog. I wonder how others with apartments are able to adopt or do they also get rejected??

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