RV life with kids is amazing. It is a great opportunity to bond with your kids and give them an experience they will never forget. Of course, not everything is playing games, laughter, and perfect hikes. It’s a small space with 4 people and that is the real challenge. We are often asked: Is it noisy in such a small space with kids? How do guys…uhm…have romantic time? Where do all those toys go? Well, today, we will attempt to answer them.

RV LifeRV Life


RV life is never quiet – you have big old diesel coming and going all the time and you have the sound of the AC or someone stomping around the RV. Everything is loud. Add to this two small kids that don’t always get along, and don’t exactly get the whole volume control thing. It can get really loud in the RV. We have 26 ft of living space but about 40% is dedicated to sleeping areas. This means that we are all always in the living/dining/kitchen space together…all the time. Of course we do go outside and we leave the RV to explore, but we are talking those rainy days or super hot days or the the days we don’t want to fill up the truck. If you are not up for lots of noise in a small space, you might need to get a RV that has a separate room for the kids. If you are especially sensitive to your kids, even from across the house, RV life with kids might not be for you.

RV LifeRomance

This one is always tricky when you have kids, but when you are in a RV, it gets even trickier. Our RV only has two “private” rooms – the bathroom and the master bedroom. Neither one of these rooms has locks or latches that can prevent a sudden unexpected entrance. What we’ve had to do is figure out how to barricade the master bedroom pocket doors. We tend to make sure the kids are either asleep (rarely works since they go to sleep pretty late and we end up co-sleeping half the time) or just when they are really busy. So we set up Netflix, goodies, and snacks and we head off for some “mom and dad quiet time”. We also make sure that we have lowered the temperature on the AC and turned on the dehumidifier for an extra sound buffer. And that my friends, is how we have romantic time…


For us, part of the RV life means downsizing and minimalistic living. This meant that we had to get rid of a lot of toys. We kept LEGOs, building blocks, dolls/action figures, and hotwheels. They are all pretty small and fit nicely in various storage containers. The kids have two shelves in the pantry (out of five) and they also have large baskets in their bunks for the other items.

RV Life

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What it's really like to full time RV with kids - Noise, Romance, & Toys!!

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