I want to ask you a question:

When was the last time that you took the time for you and yours to just sit and enjoy your world? To smell the air, and look at the trees? To experience freedom?

I’ve had the pleasure of sitting by more campfires in the last 10 months than in the first 43 years of my life. Gathering kindling, placing the firewood, and getting it all to light provides an honest simple pleasure. I can come home from work, hug the kids, kiss my wife, help take care of the odds and ends and then step a few feet outside my door, and enjoy our beautiful world. This to me is a great reward.

Freedom to relax


A major motivator that Jessica and I had in choosing the FullTime RV life and living small was the chance to simplify and reduce.  Over the first 12 years of our marriage we would accumulate stuff.  Just worthless stuff.  Old clothes that we wouldn’t ever wear again would stay in the closet, in a drawer, wherever.  Neckties that were in fashion years ago and cooking appliances that were literally, never used.  Things that just took up space and took up our time.  Things that would reduce our freedom. De-contenting, as we’ve written and youtube’d about was a major step, and we haven’t looked back. Simplification for us means freedom.

Relax in the Rough

Even now, living in a 26′ travel trailer we’ve donated two bags of clothing and learned to be more space efficient. It’s not always easy, but the experiences we share are well worth this unusual life and we cherish our time together.

Living in the Outdoors

Will You Make a Change?

So what will you do differently? What can you prioritize?  Will you put the accumulation of stuff, and status symbols as a priority?  Stuff is good. I like stuff, but maybe you’ll add some simple things to your list.  A campfire, a walk through a field, or smelling the fresh air.

Get Outside, freedom

Or perhaps a good smoke.

A good smoke, freedom to relax

What does freedom mean to you?

RV life, it gives you the freedom to live! What does freedom mean to you?

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