Downsizing from a home to a RV can be a daunting task. What do you keep? What do you sell? Because it can be so crazy, we are going to break up what you need into several different posts. In this post we will focus on RV kitchen gear.

Unless you are just moving out of your parent’s house, you will find yourself staring at your kitchen and thinking, what the heck do I do with all of this? Can I fit it all in my new RV kitchen? I’ll answer the easy one first, no you can’t keep all that stuff and expect to fit it in your RV unless you don’t plan on having anything else in there!! Seriously though, lets break it down.

What do you use most?

The first things you should consider bringing with you are those things that you use all the time. If you can’t cook without a crock pot or instant pot, bring them (essential RV kitchen gear)!! If you have 3 that you have never used (like us), sell them or give them all away. If you have 10 coffee mugs, but there are only two of you, bring your two favorite and sell/give away the rest. Can you bring all 10, sure, but you will have to hand wash all of them and take up valuable cabinet space! If you love your coffee, bring your coffee maker. You might find out though that your coffee pot might take up valuable real estate on that tiny little RV kitchen counter…we found that out the hard way…we brought our Keurig with us…and it was an epic fail. We ended up purchasing a little Bialetti Moka Pot that took up very little space and allowed us to make the perfect coffees. Read more about it here.

RV Kitchen Gear
Yep, this is what it really looks like…

Get the tour!

How Many

Now that you know what RV kitchen gear you use the most and want to bring, you need to determine how many of each are you going to bring. This can be easy when it comes to some appliances (crock pot, instant pot, coffee maker, etc.), but what about plates, pots, and utensils? Here’s our list (2 adults, 2 kids – we have WAY TOO MUCH):

  • Plates & Stuff – all ceramic

    • 4 3 large plates (1 came careening out of the cabinet on an epic RV move)

    • 4 small plates

    • 4 bowls

  • Cups, glasses, mugs, etc.

    • 2 reusable cups for kids water

    • 8 6 small glasses (2 shattered)

    • 4 2 wine glasses (2 shattered)

    • Way too many mugs (remember that little 10 number, I didn’t just come up with that)

    • 4+ reusable hot/cold tumblers


RV Kitchen Gear
Our 10 year old wine glass – RIP
  • Utensils

    • 2 1 kitchen flipper (We realized we only needed 1)

    • 1 spatula

    • Knives

      • 1 large for chopping

      • 1 bread slicer

    • 1 large spoon/ladle (thinking we might toss)

    • 1 pasta spoon

    • Way too much cutlery – a full set – whoops

    • 1 set of measuring cups

    • 1 set of measuring spoons

    • 2 wine bottle openers (need 2 since we can never find the one we need when we need it)

  • Appliances

    • Rice cooker – small

    • Electric griddle

    • Bialetti Moka Pot (espresso maker, use as base for our coffees)

  • Pots/Pans/Oven Stuff

    • 1 large Bialetti pan

    • 1 small Bialetti pan

    • 1 small pot

    • 1 medium pot

    • 1 large pot (used primarily as a mixing bowl…the mixing bowl got lost…I’m sure its somewhere in the pantry)

    • 1 muffin tray

    • 1 pizza sheet (used for cookies, rolls, etc.)

    • 1 pizza stone (You must buy this!! You won’t burn anything again, unless you forget about it. Click here.)

RV Kitchen Gear
Robert and I are the dishwashers and sometimes we don’t do a good job…
  • Other

    • 1 table top paper towel holder

    • 3 oven mits (Should only have 2)

    • 1 pot holder (NEVER used, need to get rid of)

    • 1 tiny dish/utensil drying rack

    • 1 collapsible colander

    • 1 20 gallon garbage can

RV Kitchen Gear - What you really needFinal Thoughts –

This is pretty much all our RV kitchen gear…this doesn’t include anything we used for organizing (which isn’t much). We can definitely stand to downsize some more, but this gives you an idea of what we have. Keep it as simple as you can. If you are single or a couple, you might be able to squeeze in a few more items if you need it, but really, you don’t need much…in the case of RV living, less is always more. 🙂 Still wondering what else you should get? Check out our 5 Must Haves for RV Living!

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19 thoughts on “RV Kitchen Gear – What You Really Need!

    1. Thank you! Yes, living with the whole family in a tiny space has made wine an absolute must! I can’t wait to hear about your own RV experience.

  1. Thank you! It was really tough. There were many moments when I would sit there and look around and feel so very overwhelmed. I somehow made it through…barely!

  2. Great info. We just bought our TT but not going to full time in it yet. But yes need to start cutting back for when we do.

  3. We are fixing to move into our camper while we are doing a remodel on our home. I am already overwhelmed at what I must leave behind when we move. I purchased melamine dishes and mixing bowls so I won’t have to worry about breakables when we do take it camping. I am planning to make a list and stick to it for the rest. Wish me luck, I haven’t moved for over twenty years and we have to pack and store everything that we don’t take to the camper.

    1. Hi Jennifer. It is definitely an overwhelming process to move from one space to another, let alone from a house into a RV!! Making a list is an excellent plan. I hope it all goes well and that you enjoy your time in the RV and remodeling your home. 🙂

  4. Hi,

    I came across your blog on pinterest and was drawn to the picture of the inside of a trailer. Is it yours?? If so, what is the make and model and year?? We recently purchased one that looks exactly like it. I just wondered how you like it??

    Thanks, Lisa Morgan

    1. Hi Lisa – We have a 2016 Forest River Grey Wolf 26DBH. We have had it for 1.5 years. We really love it. All the soft furnishings (mattresses, couch, and U-shaped dinette) were of low quality. We replaced the couch almost a year ago and the rest all need replacement. They layout is amazing and perfect for us.

  5. One comment from a full timer. Buy collapsable bowls, measuring cups and measuring spoons. They are great.

    1. We’re working on simplifying. We’ve just dumped a bunch of extra cups and glasses to start things off! Some clothes are gone, and got rid of two heavy pans too!

  6. You really are a trooper! I can totally understand the wine and they are both great choices!

  7. My new husband to be and I are thinking seriously about tiny house/rv life in the next 10 years. . . I want to thank you so much for the advice and your stories! I can’t wait to get out there!

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