If you spend a lot of time at RV parks you notice that there are a lot of torn and broken awnings. When you first start out you think “How did their awning get like that?”. You convince yourself that those people must have done something wrong. Then one day, it happens to you. Here is our RV Awning disaster story…

RV awnings are wonderful, but just one gust will take one out. Find out what happened to ours and how to prevent your own awning failure. Our RV Awning Habits

Whenever we get to a new RV site, the second thing we do is extend the awning. (The first thing is hook up electric).

The awning is our porch.

It defines our outdoor space and seating area.

We usually put our outdoor rug and chairs under it.

It makes our RV feel like home.

We are constantly monitoring the weather – will it be hot, cold, any storms, and how are the winds?

Whenever we see the day will be extra breezy, the awning goes in…I mean we don’t want to damage our awning…right?

How did our RV Awning break?

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Our RV awning is broken. Find out how it happened and what you can do to prevent it from happening it to your awning.We have an automatic awning…or one that has a button that you push to extend and retract.

Very simple and we love it.

So, what happened? Why did it break?

Was it electrical?

Did the material just wear out?

Our awning completely tore where it attached to the RV.

The mechanical aspects of the it worked perfectly fine.

Simply, it broke due to a surprise gust of wind.

We don’t bring in the awning overnight and we didn’t expect the day to be so breezy.

When I saw the weather report for the day (which I check every morning before even getting out of bed), I immediately went to retract the awning.

It was already too late.

What Happens Now?

Robert was able to safely dismantle the entire thing – mechanical arms and awning material.

We called the insurance company and were transferred to the Awning Department.

Okay, maybe that is not the exact name, but there is an entire division set aside for awning claims.

Anyway, we sent them photos and have received recommendations on where we can go to have it inspected.

Once inspected, we can move forward with the claim and then repair the RV awning.

What do we plan to do in the Future:

Well, we will probably be over the top about the awning.

We will probably retract it every night and every time we leave the RV.

We’ll see how long that lasts.

At any rate, I think we will stick with retracting the awning each night and when we plan on going out for long periods of time.

We may still end up with a broken awning in the future.

Final Thoughts:

We are pretty sad about our RV awning.

The RV works fine without it and it isn’t needed, but it was one of our favorite things about RVing.

Having that special space.

It was a place to entertain, play, watch movies, play with LEGOs, work… It provided an extra room.

We are also relieved that no one was under the awning when it collapsed.

That would have been a real disaster.

What about you, has this happened to your RV awning?

RV Awning Disaster!! Ugh, our awning tore on our RV. Find out what happened and what our next steps are.

Watch our video to find out more:

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8 thoughts on “RV Awning Disaster

  1. I am so sorry about your awning! This is honestly my worst fear. We are religious about checking the weather too. I do hope to invest in some anchors. Our friends have them and they really work.

  2. That is one of my biggest fears – that I will break our awning! We rarely use it unless it’s super sunny outside and we want to shade ourselves. And if the wind ever picks up, we make sure that it’s taken in. Hope you get your awning back soon

    1. Its such a bummer. We can’t wait to get our new one!! It’s always one of the first things we do – connect to power, put out the slide, deploy the awning…

  3. Aw, man — hopefully you guys will get that “extra room” back soon. I appreciate you sharing yet another dose of reality. As you alluded to, I thought that we’d n e v e r leave our awning out in bad conditions 😎

    We’re still shopping for our RV, so I’ve seen a lot of awnings with wind sensors that automatically retract the awning if it gets windy. I wonder if there’s an aftermarket product that’d work for you and not cost an arm and a leg.

  4. Dang that sucks! It seems so trivial to those that don’t RV, but dang I get It! Your awning is your porch! It welcomes you inside and outside!

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