Have you ever heard of beautiful Jekyll Island in southeast Georgia?  You may know that at one point in history, 1/6th of the entire world’s worth was controlled by the men who would winter here in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

Well, we’re not here to talk about them so set that thought aside and instead lets focus on the sights there are to see here on Jekyll Island, a great destination for both you and your kids.

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Jekyll Island

Where to Stay:

Many hotels at Jekyll Island give you the opportunity to wake up to a beautiful Atlantic sunrise.

We were fortunate to wake up to the gorgeous one below while staying at the Holiday Inn and Resort.

Full-Time RV’ers like us, will find that Jekyll Campground is an excellent option for your stay as well.

You won’t get the sunrise, but will wake up to a fabulous canopy of live oaks.

Make sure to bring the bug spray though, this campground is also very popular with the mosquitoes!

Jekyll Island

Lush Jekyll Island Campground.

Jekyll Island

Beaches at Jekyll Island

We are beach lovers, and Jekyll Island has many beaches to enjoy.  Depending on how busy you are, you can find both secluded beach trail parking as well as roomy parking lots. We prefer the more secluded spots. Each beach has a little something different for you. Driftwood Beach in the north provides unique and stark landscapes, while St. Andrews Beach in the south is known for its flocks of migratory birds and dolphin pods passing offshore!

Jekyll Island

We visited two beaches besides the one at the Holiday Inn Resort, however, the best for exploration though was hands down, famous Driftwood Beach, and adventure for both young and old.

Daniel loved scrambling about the trees.

Jekyll Island

Nadia couldn’t stop exploring!

Jekyll Island

An Unexpected Delight at Driftwood Beach

Something we did not expect to encounter was an unending stream of migrating Monarch Butterflies. At first it was curious to see a few butterflies flying down the beach, but after a few minutes it became obvious that something special was happening. One of the butterflies got soaked, but Jessica gave it the opportunity to dry out before taking off again to continue on its part of the journey.

Jekyll Island

Driftwood Beach was a spectacular spot to visit.

Jekyll Island

Dining Options

If you can separate yourself from the beaches of Jekyll Island, the Island has a lot to offer in the way of shopping, food and architecture. You have to watch the times closely in the off season, but you’re sure to find something good to eat at a dedicated restaurants, or the quality hotels on the island.

The Beach House Restaurant had great food, drink, service and a relaxed atmosphere. Our kids really enjoyed it, and it is very tough to please them at a restaurant.  Check out Jekyll Island’s other food offerings at their website here.

Family friendly things to do in Jekyll Island, Georgia from historic sites to the great outdoors.

Historic District Tour

One of the activities that is offered on the island is the architectural tour of the great “cottages” of the great industrialists of the past. The Jekyll Island Park staff is extremely detailed in their descriptions and is a must for any lover of great style and architecture. The “Passport to the Century Tour” departs from the Jekyll Island Museum 3 times per day. I’m sure there must be a hidden Scrooge McDukian vault in one of those homes…

Ride along!

Jekyll Island

We were able to take a few photos before the little one checked out.

Jekyll Island


Jekyll Island

Georgia Sea Turtle Center

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center was a huge hit as well, not only for the kids but for Jessica and I. We were able to see where they rehabiliate the sea turtles and also learn about wildlife conservation.  It’s great to know this important work is being done here.

Jekyll Island

Save the Turtles!

Jekyll Island

Final Thoughts

A calm pace to a vacation is something to enjoy, and we certainly recommend it over crowded theme parks and traditional vacation venues with the go, go, go – buy, buy, buy atmosphere. Even as we drove onto the island we knew we were somewhere special. Everyone exhibited smiles and great courtesy and it’s a place we will visit again.

Daniel gives it a thumbs up!

Jekyll Island

Our friends at Crazy Family Adventure have also made a trip to Jekyll Island and wrote about it: HERE! It has more ideas of what to do on a visit to here.

Jekyll Island

You can also visit Jekyll Island’s website and get more information directly at:  www.JekyllIsland.com


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  1. Awesome! I have family in Georgia, and Jekyll Island is a favorite destination in that area. It’s absolutely beautiful- I’m glad you wrote a post on it!

    1. Thanks Katherine. I can’t believe it took us so many years to be able to visit! Next time we want to bring our parents too!

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