So, we bought a new RV thinking it would save us from having to do a remodel. It did, for about 5 months. Did we absolutely have to do the remodel, no. So…why did we actually do our first RV remodel? Was it to rip out the couch? Was it a dissatisfaction with the layout of the RV? Why would we tear out a couch and extra storage? Well…

RV Remodel
Dreaded mold…

How it all began…

It had finally stopped raining and it was fairly warm so we decided to do a little spring cleaning. We thought it was time to go through our external storage and organize it better. We didn’t get very far before finding a bit of moisture and mold. The mold was in the storage areas of the slide. This is where our couch and dinette are. We cleaned up the mold, let it dry, and then painted over it with an anti-fungal paint. This was really easy in the dinette area, but a bit trickier near the couch. The mold wasn’t actually under the couch. It was located under a built-in shelf that allowed for storage that was accessible from the outside of the RV. We decided to take out the the storage area and since the couch was already ripped and awkward, we took out the couch too.

RV RemodelRV Remodel



What we did…

Once we took everything out, we got a good look at the area. Unfinished floor and a crazy cord running down the side wall. We decided there was no getting around the cord and just measured the space, looked for flooring and put it in.

RV Remodel

When it came time to select furniture, we headed to IKEA. Such a great place to find reasonably priced furnishings for small spaces. We had intended
on getting a small desk and storage chair/bench. Between kids being tired and just not finding what we needed, it took us a bit longer than we had expected. Two trips later, and we finally had our setup…outdoor table and trellis that we paired with a storage bench. Not only did it fit perfectly, but it was reasonably priced and added a little bit of dimension to the space.


Final Thoughts…

Our very first RV remodel was a success and was not very expensive at all. Such a relief since we are not the handiest folks. We are very pleased with a spot for us to work and store our computers. It is our work/charging station.

We decided to do a small RV remodel. We took out our couch and replaced it with a work station. See what we did here.

You can check out more details in our video series dedicated to the RV remodel.

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