We started our RVing life October 2015. While we started the adventure sooner than we had planned, we did have some idea of what we were doing. We had spent several months visiting RV dealerships, watching YouTube videos, reading articles and books, and chatting with others living this life.


Researching RVing life can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many resources out there, where do you start? Well, we started our research on YouTube.

We found some YouTube channels created by RVing couples and singles. The most helpful ones were Nomadic Fantatic, Pippi Peterson, and Long Long Honeymoon. Although these are not specific to families, we found a lot of good, practical tips and advice about life in a RV.

We were a bit disappointed and surprised that we didn’t find families documenting their RVing travels and adventures on YouTube.

Maybe we didn’t use the right search terms, because we are finding them now, after we created our own channel! Some families are new to RVing and others have been RVing for some time.

Our current favorite RVing family is Crazy Family Adventure!! They are a family of 6 traveling all over the US and Canada!

RVing Life


There are many interest groups and fan pages on Facebook about the RVing life. It can be difficult to navigate all the options.

During our search, we stumbled upon a Facebook group specific to full time RVing families. This group, called Fulltime Families, is full of families currently RVing, families researching RVing, and families that have completed their RV adventures. There is a wealth of information and support within the group. It has been a great blessing to us.

We recently found out that there is a Fulltime Families YouTube channel (bonus!)!

If you are a Whole Life Unschooler**, check out our Facebook group!


We found lots of books that covered the RVing life and actually purchased two of them.

One of the books, Support Your RV Lifestyle!, was geared towards couples. It provided information on finding jobs on the road, how to handle mail, and other general concerns full time RVers face.

Our edition was printed in 2002 and seems to address concerns of older couples – there were a few chapters on using a computer and the internet to find jobs. I’m not sure if the 2nd edition includes the computer section, but you can always skip those sections (like we did).

The rest of the book was really helpful and detailed. We felt that we could financially support ourselves on the road if our current employment ended.

The second book that helped us research full time RVing with kids was a book written by a father about his RV adventure with his wife, their 3 children, niece, and cat. In the book, Must Have Been Another Earthquake, Kids, the author, Jason Robillard, shares the pros and cons of this life.

He glosses over most of the pros, I mean we all know the good stuff: campfires, family bonding, exploring nature, etc.

Jason goes into great detail about the realities of RV life and he doesn’t hold back. I really feel that this book helped us understand what we were embarking on.

*We do receive an Amazon commission if you made a purchase using the provided links. Applies to “Book” section only of this post. **Whole Life Unschooling = An informal learning system where parents follow the children’s interests. The kids learning is very hands on. Parents do whatever they can to help their children learn in a way that fits them – museums, travels, hikes, books, videos, games, and lots of conversations. The whole life part extends to their everyday living. Parents respect children as people and value their opinions and needs just as much as their own. Parents are leaders and examples to their. There is no punishment, parents find out what happened or what caused that moment of anger or that fit of crying. Parents ensure the children know that what they feel is being understood and the family works through the tough times together. It is tough and a challenge to approach learning and parenting this way.


Final Thoughts

We hope this post helps you as you start your RV adventure. If you have other recommendations, please feel free to share them in the comments below. Don’t forget to check us out on YouTube!

We are a family of four seeking fun and adventure as we explore the local life in our RV!

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2 thoughts on “Planning the RVing Life with Kids

  1. Been following a bunch of full timing YouTub’ers for many years now. Just happened to bump into your site off Eric’s (NF) site. I could add: Chris & G Travels, Justin Credible, Gone with the Wynns, The Willful Wanderer, The Deprey’s, Technomadia and of course Eric and Nomadic Fanatic. Each one has their “style” or like Eric said this week “Brand”. I look forward to their next video. You two actually have done well to have 1000 subs in 6 months, but your view counts are so so.

    You might add the IRV2.com website. Good, well managed website covering all aspects of RV: buying, selling, fixing, mods, lifestyles, places to go….

    Myself, both my wife and me came from RVing families. Fact, her family went to Alaska in a pop-up with 4 kids in the 60’s. I’m actually retiring (age 53) in May and were heading to Alaska this summer. But normally, we camp 50-60 nights a year the last 25 years. Going to state parks of OH, PA and VT. We have just a 26′ hybrid (Aerolite), but looking in the next few years to upgrade to a true higher end 4 season trailer (26′ – 30′) such as a Arctic Fox. They are built solid, but at $50k, they better be. Looking at Winnebago’s too.

    1. Hi Jim! Yes, Gone with the Wynns and Chris & G Travels! We have watched them as well, but not when we first started our research. Haven’t watched the others yet!! Thanks for watching our videos and checking out our blog! Yes, definitely hoping to increase our views. Most of our views and subscribers have come in the past 3 months!

      We will check out the website you recommended as well.

      That is very encouraging – that both you and your wife came from RVing families. We have never been to Alaska, but look forward to it. The kids really want to go!!

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