Lyonia Preserve is located in Deltona Florida in West Volusia County. The name is derived from the Rusty Lyonia – a native scrub habitat tree that resides in the Preserve. One of the main attractions in the Preserve is the Florida Scrub-Jay. The Florida Scrub-Jay is found only in the state of Florida and only in scrub habitat.

Updated December 4, 2016 

We have been to the Lyonia Preserve many times and participated in guided hikes, trail runs (in the dark by moonlight!), and family hikes. The preserve never disappoints. Between views of various birds and animals tracks along the trail and breathtaking sky views and the satisfaction of walking in the woods…

The Florida Scrub-Jay
The Florida Scrub-Jay

Our latest hike through the scrub was at dusk in mid-July. This type of habitat gets extremely hot – there is little to no shade throughout the trail. We were taking a huge risk by going out late in the day with the kids, but it paid off. We didn’t see any Scrub Jays (they were prepping for bed), but we did see a corn snake, lots of animal tracks, and several gopher tortoise burrows. Please note that dogs are not allowed on the hiking trails.

Lyonia Preserve

Lyonia Preserve

The preserve has two ephemeral wetlands. These are dry most of the time, but burst with life and activity when when the summer rains arrive.  Both were full of water on this visit. Be prepared for changes in elevation. That right there are quite a few hills that break up the landscape nicely. It also is has the highest summit in Volusia county. There are three trails – red, blue, and orange. The orange trail is the shortest loop. Click here for the official trail map.

Weather too hot? Check out the Lyonia Environmental Center. It is an amazing (temperature controlled) hands on experience for the whole family. They recently added fresh and saltwater fish and reptiles displays. It is a fantastic way to learn about the Florida scrub ecosystem.

Lyonia Preserve Environmental Centler

The video below takes you along on our most recent hike.

All in all, the Lyonia Preserve is a hidden gem well worth discovering; alone, or with your family and friends.

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Lyonia Preserve is of Central Florida's hiking gems. Plenty of wildlife, including the Florida Scrub-jay, can be seen along the hike. It is very family friendly and has no admission fee.

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