I was going to write an entirely different post today.

I was going to talk about the different places you can stay while RVing.

And as I was writing this, the kids got hungry, then thirsty, then one had to go poop, and the other one started telling me how he was going to spend his allowance…

Meanwhile, I was on the 2nd paragraph of my weekly post…after several hours of trying to write this thing…so…I decided to change directions…so here is how we live in a RV with our whole family…

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The Current Living Arrangements:

As many of you already know, my husband and I live in a 26ft travel trailer with our two children – ages 7 & 4.

We also have two cats and one dog. We have doing this for 6 months now.

So, how do we do it?

The first thing you have to remember is that we were already doing a little of this before we decided to sell everything and live in a RV.

I was already working from home part time and the kids were already home with me.

We have been doing this (mom and kids at home) for 4 years now.

So, we were already use to being together all day long.

Live in a RV

So, what changed?

We had a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with a fenced in yard and garage, but we spent all our time together in the same rooms.

We did however have babysitters and monthly date nights…that all changed when we moved into the RV. Bye bye date night.

Also, my husband’s work went from the typical M-F, 9-5 grind to a rotating schedule where he works 4 days and then is off 4 days.

This gave us more time together as a family and time to take our RV on short road trips on hubby’s days off.

Live in a RV

None of this changes the demands of having small children.

They are loud and need a lot of attention and meal prep.

So we do all of this in just a very small space.

There are Legos spread out in the kitchen/dining/living room floor and on the dinner table.

Clothes pile up on the tiny master bedroom floor and the kitty litter box lives in our shower.

The kids wrestle and jump in the master bedroom bed (the bunks can get a little too small for such horseplay).

Most days we smile as the kids are living this simple, yet fun life with little to no stress…except what we (the adults) bring.

We remind ourselves constantly that the time is fleeting.

Our oldest will be gone in 11 years…11 years!!

That goes by in the blink of an eye.

The millions of stuffed animals will be gone and high pitched happy sounds will be gone too.

Live in a RV

Rainy days can make for a bit of craziness…

Sunny days are the best – plenty of space to run around the campground and play on the picnic table.

The TV can go in or outside the RV. We can watch movies under the stars.

We have campfires on Wednesday nights and walk the dog during quiet hours to get that last bit of energy out.

Some days come and go in a fit of giggles, snuggles and play. Others seem to never end with tears, boredom, and apologies.

Like any other life, there are some amazing pros and equally horrible cons.

The one thing we definitely know is that we will never forget these years together.

The places we will see, the people we will meet, and the love we will share.

And this, is how we all live in a RV full time…

Live in a RV

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How we live full time in a RV as a family of 4. This is our RV life.


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