Deciding whether or not full time RV living is right for you is a really tough thing to figure out.

Now, you will never really know until you are actually living the RV life, but you can research and be as prepared as possible.

This is why we created these 6 questions (and answers), to help you be just a little more prepared before you take the RV Glamping plunge!

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How to get the most out of this post:

Answer the questions first

Read the answers within the post OR watch the video below to see if RVing full time is right for you!

The Questions:

Do you like to have people over?

How Long Do You Expect Your Hot Water to Last?

Do You Value Your Privacy and/or Alone Time?

How Well Can You Tolerate Noise?

Do You Require a Bath to Wind Down at the End of the Day?

Do You Enjoy Collecting Quarters?

Do you like to have people over?

Yes! I’m always having get togethers and dinners…especially for the Holidays!”

Well, full time RV living with come with a bit of a life adjustment.

Now, I’m not saying that you won’t be able to host holiday get togethers and dinners…

They will just need to be little different.

That dinner will probably need to be smaller and simpler or at least take a lot less planning and staging.

Solutions Inside the RV:

If you are going to have folks inside the RV, you better really like them and be ready for a cozy time…

I’ve visited quite a few RV friends…we’ve been in a 30+ ft Class A, a 40+ft Fifth Wheel, and a very open 30-something fifth-wheel.

That very open fifth wheel didn’t feel tight at all – even with 4 adults, 2 active kids, and a cute 20lb dog.

So keep this in mind if you are still shopping around for the perfect RV.

Open spaces (no over stuffed couches or kitchen islands) make the best for socializing.

Get a free planning worksheet here!!

Solutions Outside the RV

There is generally way more space outside for entertaining…and maybe that fancy dinner becomes a laid back Bar-B-Q…

 Just remember to ask everyone to bring chairs!! Or keep a few spares!

Also bring some sidewalk chalk for any RV kidlets!

And if you are invited…remember your chairs!

Otherwise you’ll have to hike back to your RV to get them!!

full time rv living

No way! I like quiet days shut-up inside my RV!”

Awesome! RVing will be fantastic for you!

Just use the bright sunlight, high humidity, bugs, whatever excuse to avoid being outside and the fact that your dog(s) and/or cat(s) are taking up your remaining seating…

You’ll be all set!!

If people aren’t your thing, you won’t have to worry about having family and “friends” trying to come over all the time in your small space, especially if you’re boondocking out in nature.

In all seriousness, you can be as social or anti-social as you want while you are RVing.


 Have you ever thought about selling it all and driving off to start your full time RV living adventure? Just you, your RV and the open road? Sounds lovely right? Well it definitely can be, but make sure you don't make the leap before asking yourself these 6 questions. #rvcamping #happycampers

How long do you expect your hot water to last?

This is NOT a trick question!!

“Any number greater than 5 minutes”

I hate to break it to you, but the hot water doesn’t last more than 5 minutes…and even then, you have to turn the water on and off.

Exceptions to the rule, but not guaranteed:


I think this is self-explanatory, but if you are in a hot climate, the water in the water line will be hot…giving you a bit of bonus hot water.

But it’s summer.

You don’t NEED it during summer!!


Propane water heater…

I don’t know what it is, but our propane water heater makes our water nuclear hot and it heats up and replaces quicker than our electric heater.


Potential Solutions:

Endless Hot Water Heater…

Yep. They exist.

However, they come at a cost!

Use the campground/RV Park bathhouse…

Some are nicer than others, but they will ALL have endless hot water.


“Less than 5 minutes.” or “Hot showers are for wimps.”

You will will have no issues at all staying clean and happy in your RV bathroom!


Do you value your privacy or alone time?


“Yes. I love waking up and making a cup of coffee and sitting outside to enjoy the beautiful morning…”

Well, I hope you didn’t wake up in a RV Park in a metropolitan area in the middle of summer on a Saturday…because the last thing you will get is privacy and alone time.

Is full time rv living right for you?
Ah…Gettysburg in the summer…

You will be greeted by:


People walking their dogs.

People in golf carts.

People looking at your from their RV windows.

People waving at you.


Kids walking dogs that are too big for them.

Kids running down the street.

Kids riding their bikes.

Kids waving at you.

Not to mention the people INSIDE your RV…



Potential Solutions:

If you need privacy and alone time, you can find it, but you will need to stay away from very popular places and stay away during peak seasons.

Boondocking or dry camping (RV camping without water, electric, or sewer hookups) is one of the best ways to find some solitude and nature.

You can learn more about boondocking here!

Another solution – leave the RV park as much as you can.

Go to a local park with a lot of space, visit the local library, and other non-tourist, non-popular places.


“Privacy and alone time? No way, I grew up in a house of 11!!”

Sounds like you will be in your element at most RV parks!

Just keep in mind, not everyone will be excited to have a conversation RV window to RV window…

So be respectful of other’s need for privacy


How well can you tolerate noise?

“Noise is no problem at all! I was in a rock band in college, worked construction for a few years, and eventually became a gym teacher”

Sounds to me like a typical crowded RV park in the peak of summer will be a wonderful fit for you!

I remember one Saturday morning, mid-summer, waking up to the sound of a marching band.

That’s right, a marching band, at the campground.

It was 9am, but still.

 is full time rv living right for you

Seriously though, your ability to tolerate noise will be a great advantage in this RV life!!


“I can’t deal with the sound of kids riding their bikes in the morning. And why do dogs have to bark anyway?”

Oh my…RV parks and campgrounds are full of kids and dogs!!

Even if you find yourself in a fairly kid-free park or campground, you aren’t going to avoid the dogs!

And let’s not forget the annoying habit of RV parks being adjacent to train tracks…


Solutions –

Get yourself some sound dampening supplies! 

White noise machines

Black out curtains that also block out sound

Ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones

Boondocking or dry camping (as I mentioned before, this is RV camping without water, electric, or sewer hookups)

This type of RVing tends to be less crowded and quieter.

The lack of amenities tend to keep the crowds away.


Do you require a bath to wind down at the end of the day?


Oh, I couldn’t do without a warm bath with my oils and candles…

Most RVs come with a shower.

Once you actually find one with a bathtub, it’s likely to be very, very small (for little kids only).

So, if you have to have a full-sized bathtub, you better start searching now because they aren’t easy to find.

Here’s a video tour of a 2018 Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel 3920FB with a real bathtub. Skip to minute 2:00 to see it.

“Ew. Why would I want to sit in a pool of my own filth?”

I hear ya!!

Whelp…You won’t have any issues finding a tub-free RV bathroom.

Shower away…well…at least for 5 minutes. Unless you like cold showers or you have purchased that tankless water heater!


Do you enjoy collecting quarters?


This might sound like a silly question, but I’m being serious here.

If you do not have an on-board washer/dryer, or the space for one, you will need to keep a hearty stack of quarters around to hit the campground laundry room or the local laundromat.

You can also avoid the laundry room/laundromat by purchasing a portable washer and air drying your clothes. 

This is the one we want…


rv living

Final Thoughts

Now, I’m not discouraging anyone from RV life. It is fantastic and I don’t regret my families decision to hit the road.

However, I want you to know that there are adjustments.

Some of these things might be deal breakers for you…and that’s OK!

RVing isn’t like living in your home, unless you get a 42ft Fifth Wheel with a bathtub and washer/dryer.

I just hope this list of questions helps you know a little of what to expect before you make the leap into full time RV living.

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