OK, so you’ve decided to go full time RVing! Whoo hoo.

You are so excited you just want to tell everyone you meet and especially your family.

Some folks will react with as much excitement and happiness as you.

Some will look at you like you have 3 heads, and others will just be unsupportive and do nearly all they can to change your mind.

The ones that are less likely to support you will most likely be those closest to you, and many times it is your family.

So, how do you deal with them?

In this post, we are going to be discussing why they react this way and how you can deal with these negative reactions.

fullt time RVing
RV living and Beautiful sunsets go together

Understanding the negativity

Genuine concern over your well-being.

The first group of folks that are going to be negative to your decision to full time RVing are those that are genuinely concerned about your well being.

For this group, there is no other sure sign of success other than a 4 bedroom 4 bath 2 story with eat in kitchen, den, family room, and man cave.

Their view of the world is re-inforced by mainstream society, so when speaking to them, make sure that you remember why you are doing this.

Share with them your why, let them know you have been doing your research, that you have a plan.

Share your plan with them, reassure them.

You can even share some videos, articles, and blogs of others living this life successfully.

They are concerned, because they care.


You will have some friends and family that are going to be jealous.

They may not come out and say it. These folks want to be doing what you are, but either feel like they can’t or just don’t know how.

Full time RVing is a huge decision, to walk away from conventional living and make your own path.

Many cannot do it even though they wish they could.

There’s nothing you can do for this group except encouraging them to follow their own dreams and sharing why you are doing what you are doing.

Share how you came to the decision and share your plan.

After that you may have to just leave them be.

Continuing to overtly share your new RV life could hurt relationships.

It’s not about you, it’s them.


Some people are just miserable.

It doesn’t matter what you do, what you say, how prepared you are, etc. None of it matters.

They are firmly in a negative echo chamber and can see no way out of it.

Miserable people will always be miserable and no matter how much you try, they will continue to be miserable and try their best to make you miserable too.

Don’t waste your time trying to convince them of anything.

You may have to sever ties, both in real life, and on social media especially if you have children.

But remember, all is not lost.

You are beginning a new adventure living the full time life!

Typical full time RVing fun
Typical full time RVing fun

What do you do:

Understand your Why

Never forget why you have made this decision to go full time RVing.

Keep it in your heart and remember it often.

Write it down, post it on your fridge.

Whatever you need to do to always keep remembering it.

You are going to need your dreams and your passion when you are faced with people questioning you.

Have your plan laid out

Make sure you know what you are doing.

Do you have a plan B?

What about a plan C?

If you don’t, start creating those plans.

You’ll want to be able to talk about your plans, this will definitely help your loved ones that are truly concerned about your well-being.

It will also help those that may want to follow in your footsteps.

Do not engage with the Miserable people

That’s right.

Share your full time RVing plan quickly, if they are still negative and go beyond that (disrespect, gossip, etc.) just leave them alone.

Let them go.

Keep it polite and move on.

How to deal with negative family reactions to Full Time RVing...because there will be some...

Final Thoughts

Your life is yours to lead and you are responsible for your own happiness.

It’s not always easy to deal with negativity, but you have control over how you deal with others.

Write out your plans and make them realistic.

Speak with others who are succeeding at full time RVing and learn about their mistakes.

Remember that you are not alone, there are many others that are living this life too.

Be frank and honest with yourself and loved ones about your motivations, and it’s ok to be afraid.

After all life is a big adventure, and it’s about to get really interesting.


I’m a blogging, YouTubing, RVing, roadschooling mama of two who is married to the fantastic Robert (the other half of Exploring the Local Life).

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2 thoughts on “How to Deal with Negative Family Reactions to Full Time RVing

  1. The biggest thing to remember about anyone with strong feelings about your personal life is to set boundaries. Their feelings come from fear, jealousy, and a dislike for anyone going against societal norms. Sometimes they express it as concern for your safety, your kids, your finances, etc, but those are just things they are throwing at you to try to disuade you. You can set boundaries by saying things like “I undersrand your concerns, but if you want to talk about this then you need to stay supportive and positive. If you want to be negative, I am going to end the conversation.” Right when I started researching and planning, over a year ago, a friend emailed me with a huge list of concerns such as it being illegal with kids, no heat, no water, no electricity. I tried to correct her false beliefs that came from fear and the broach in societal norms (I have to go to work 5 days a week so you should too!), but she didn’t stop and her emails were full of criticism. I ended the friendship and haven’t looled back. Other instances have smoothed out better than that but it’s not my job to asuage the fears they are hiding behind. I also believe that discussing things early when your plans aren’t concrete can leave you open for more criticism than waiting until closer to launch.

    1. That is so very well put. We have made many, many choices that go against the norm and we generally have not presented them to others before we had a solid plan. We did a homebirth with our daughter Nadia and we only told one friend about it, everyone else got to hear about it once our daughter was born. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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