“Eddie – If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised…”

Even now after living for one year in an RV, I am still at times in wonderment of it all.

Fifteen months ago, buying an RV and seeing the country was a nice daydream that Jessica and I had – we even played it wild and drove to an RV dealership one day just to have a look around.

We went online and found Nomadic Fanatic and Pippi Peterson among many on YouTube, and started reading blogs and learning about these “Fulltimers” (What are those?).

Then just over one year ago I received a call from an old friend offering me a job that I loved and would give me more time off than I’d ever had before.

Rewarding job, and more time off? “Fernando, I gotta talk to Jess…”

It was the golden opportunity to change everything about our day to day life.

So, do I think we made the right choice?

One Year RV

In short yes, but let me tell you why – and there is the good and there is the bad.

We did the math and saw that going the route of a full time life wouldn’t be any more expensive than renting an apartment, or getting another mortgage.

We saw the opportunity to declutter our lives, and change our outlook on what success means to us.

Full timing has given us the opportunity to change the trajectory of our lives and just see the world differently.

We’ve adjusted what we consider important in our lives, how we spend free time, and how we engage with our children.

One Year RV

A big house is not a measure of success – we live in a 26 foot long home, and it is all the space we need.  

We have privacy, intimacy, room to play, eat, educate, and entertain our selves.

This 250 square feet or so of living space has proved to be perfectly adequate for this family of four.

Ironically, this smaller home has proven to be just as difficult to keep neat and presentable as our homes in the past!

It’s been a revelation.

We’re at home, even when visiting family.

Visiting family was always a complicated dance of where we were going to stay, and who’s house we’d eat at.

Taking our travel trailer with us allows us the freedom to take our time.

Arriving when we want, and leaving when we want.

We get to sleep in our beds, cook when we want to, and also… have our arguments in private too!

One Year RV
On the Ranch

Now to the downsides…

Now one of the downsides to living in a small space is… the small space.

If I’m having a tough day, or the kids have worn on Jessica (or I) a bit too much, it can be difficult to walk away and blow off steam before grenading inside the RV.

Communication is very important at the end of the day, and it doesn’t always work out!

We’ve also chosen to keep just one vehicle.

A very big pickup truck which even after one year, I still find hard to park easily.

When I’m at work, Jessica’s at home with the kids, and not every RV Campground is going to have activities that they enjoy.

Then when I’m at home, my little Jessica has to work up the gumption to take out all 6,500lbs of Mjolnir on narrow country roads to find the nearest coffee shop for some personal time.

One Year RV
You wanna park this where?

One of the best things however is that we can take long road trips to see the country, and be comfortable when we travel.

This past summer we went to Colorado and enjoyed the beauty of it all. We can’t wait to go on another big trip next spring.

Want to see what Jessica thinks of this life after 1 year? Read it here!!

One Year RV

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4 thoughts on “His Take – One Year in an RV

  1. Well written. The honesty and humbleness is refreshing. I love reading about your travels and learning.

  2. Thank you Miriam, we’re still working on our writing and communication skills. Thank you for reading and following along with us on the journey!

  3. Love this, and so true! I totally relate to trying to take a breather in such a small space. My favorite thing about traveling with your house is the lack of packing involved. Want to go see family? We’ll pick up tomorrw and go! No suitcases, no thinking about what’s needed, what might be needed, and what isn’t. It’s much easier to enjoy the journey!

    1. We love not having to pack. I have had a few times this year that I did have to travel without the RV and pack. It was a disaster. lol. I have gotten use to having everything with me. I’ll post my take on the year very soon! 😀

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