How hard could it be to find the right RV Park? There are so many, all over the US and Canada, it should be breeze. However, every RV park is different from price, amenities, and pet policies. It takes quite a bit of planning and research and you still might not find exactly what you are looking for. Keep reading to find what you need to know to make a good decision and get as close to finding the right park as possible.

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How to Find the Right RV Park. Learn about costs, policies, and other important considerations before you make that reservation. Cost

RV park rates vary greatly. The same park in the Georgia mountains will be at least double out in California.

Generally speaking, if the park is near tourist attractions or in a state with a high cost of living, the RV park will be more expensive.

Will you be charged for electric?

Most daily rates are higher, but they include electric.

Most weekly rates (sometimes up to 2 weeks), have a small discount and include electric.

The most economical is the monthly rate, but it does not always include electric. Some will cover electric until a certain amount – for example – they cover up to $90 and you pay anything above that.

Some RV parks will also charge per kid. A few bucks here and there are OK, but some add a substantial fee. This could be cost prohibitive for large families or families on a tight budget.


What are your must haves at a RV park?

Do you need a pool?

What about a larger club house?

Keep in mind that the parks with more amenities can get really packed. Summer in Kentucky, I bet every camper will be heading to a RV park with a pool. So you may have a pool, but it may be packed.

Do you need a playground for the kids? It is a requirement for us. The amount of amenities can also affect costs. 

Finding the Right RV Park
If you have kids, playgrounds are a must!


Another consideration when finding the right RV park is location.

Where do you want to be?

Where do you need to be?

How far do you want to drive to local attractions or to your job (see Making Money While RVing)?

Keep in mind that the closer you are to the sites, especially tourist attractions, the more you will likely pay and the more crowded they will be.

If you are staying for 1 night, you might simply want something right off the highway or just along your route. If you are going for vacation or an extended stay, location will be of more importance. 

Finding the Right RV Park
This RV park had a marina and hiking trails. Perfection.

RV Park Reviews

Now that you have determined your costs, amenities, and desired location, you can start your search. Before you simply google “RV Parks near the Grand Canyon”, we have some suggestions on websites and apps that will include park reviews.

Good Sam’s – This is both a website and App. It lists both Good Sam’s and non-Good Sam’s campgrounds and RV parks

RV Park Reviews  – This is both a website and a Facebook group

Campendium – This is a website only. It is owned and maintained by full time RVers

All Stays – This is a website and App, but the App is the most recommended

RV Parky – This is a website and App as well. And like All Stays, everyone uses the App

Other Tips & Recommendations

Lastly I wanted to talk about some things that you may need to ask the RV park directly.

For those of you with kids, please pay special attention to whether the park has a playground or if they have excessive rules listed on their website or park policy (usually available online). This might be a sign that they are not kid friendly.

Find out the park’s pet policy. Some have breed restrictions and others charge for pets or put you different part of the park.

Do you have a large RV? Make sure that the park can accommodate your RV and ask if they have large trees. I’ve heard of people having difficulty avoiding low limbs or have scratched their roofs while parking or leaving.

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How to Find the Right RV Park. Learn about costs, policies, and other important considerations before you make that reservation.
How to Find the Right RV Park. Learn about costs, policies, and other important considerations before you make that reservation.

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