One of my favorite things about this RV life, is meeting other RVers! It is always so interesting and fun meeting new people and finding out what made them decide on this life. We recently interviewed fellow RVers Drivin’ and Vibin’ to find more about them and their RV adventures.

Olivia, Kyle, and their faithful dog River are the people behind Drivin’ and Vibin’. They run an Etsy shop while on the road called The Wooden Earth where they sell antique maps, prints, illustrations, and advertisements. They also have a blog chronicling their travels. Kyle and Olivia are originally from Fairhope, AL and their families reside on the gulf coast of AL.

 Please note the interview was conducted via email and answered entirely by Drivin’ and Vibin’.

Why did you want to life full time in a RV? We wanted to live a minimal and deliberate lifestyle and connect with nature and the people around us. We have met some wonderful people on the road and are constantly in awe of the diverse landscapes of this country.

How did you even find out about this lifestyle? We followed many van dwellers and full-timers on Instagram and were inspired by their journeys. We’ve always been interested in a minimal lifestyle and full-time RVing appealed to our sense of adventure.

What kind of RV do you have and why did you choose it? We have a 16ft 1985 Fiber Stream camper. We were looking for a used, molded fiberglass camper and after many months of searching we found this one. It was nearby, in our price range and full of character! We knew instantly that it was the one and we picked it up the very next day.

What can you recommend to someone that is interested in starting this life? Do your research, set goals, and don’t rush. We planned and saved for a year before we hit the road. We feel like 90% of the work was in the planning stages. Once you hit the road, you’ll learn exactly what works for you and your rig and what doesn’t. Just be flexible and have a good sense of humor!

How do you align your travel goals and your work life? We support our travels through our Etsy shop, it only requires a small amount of internet and a post office, which can be found in even the smallest towns. We like to stay in areas with decent cell coverage, that way we can check orders and respond to customer questions. Traveling gives us opportunities to find unique items for our Etsy shop, so it works out quite nicely.

Drivin' & Vibin' - Full time RVers

What is your favorite and/or least favorite thing about RV living?

  1. Favorite: We love having the freedom to experience new things and move at our own pace. We also love the sense of community we’ve found on the road. We’ve made friends with lots of fellow RVers and locals along the way and we receive huge support through social media. We’re constantly humbled by the kindness that exists in the world.
  2. Least favorite: Our least favorite thing about RV life would have to be breaking down and setting up camp. It doesn’t take too long between the two of us, but I always feel like I’m forgetting something. It may not seem like a big deal, but I’ve forgotten to put the tension rods in front of the fridge before and later found 6 quarts of soup on the floor. The camper smelled like vegetable soup for a week!

Fellow RVers Drivin' and Vibin' - Camper LifeAre there any unique favorites/passions you would like to share? I don’t think we have any super exciting pastimes, but I like to read, hike and cook and Kyle is very creative and enjoys making music and art. We feel passionate about health, nutrition and living a life of compassion.

Is there any other information you would want included? We would love for anyone whose interested in following our journey to find us on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram!

Find out how Drivin' & Vibin' live full time in their 16' camper! They are loving their RV life and this is your chance to find out why.Drivin’ and Vibin’ Camper:

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4 thoughts on “Fellow RVers – Drivin’ and Vibin’

  1. We just started following you guys, loving what you guys are about. Our family runs around (not full-timing, but hope to one day) in a Thor and explore as much as we can! We’ll be staying tuned to your posts and videos- have a good one!

  2. Hi. I follow your journey and Drivin’ and Vibin’. Glad you both connected. Nice interview. You should catch them next time they head east.

  3. Hi Stuart & Katherine. Thank you so much for following us and commenting! Glad that you are still getting out there as much as you can. That’s what it’s about. You will get there someday, just don’t ever let go of the dream.

  4. Hi Kevin! Thanks for following us!! Yes Drivin’ and Vibin’ are great. We really hope to meet up with them again. We only had a few hours together on our first meeting and it wasn’t enough!!

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