This week I went on a short hike through Audubon Park. It has a good mixture of sun and shade. The initial walk is a bit sunny, but leads to a rewarding trail offering plenty of shade and a variety of trees and palms. Audubon Park is a fantastic place for a short Florida birding hike or nature walk.

Birding Hike
Park Entrance

Updated December 8, 2016

The Boardwalk

After a short walk you reach the boardwalk which lets you walk through a wetland. There is very little shade on this portion of the trail, but offers an interesting mix of vegetation, flowers, and animals. This was not my first visit and I have yet to see an alligator in this part of the park, but it would not be surprising to see one here.

Birding Hike
Cephalanthus occidentalis – AKA Buttonbush

Birding Hike

The Water

Just a bit past the boardwalk you are once again greeted with shady woodland and just beyond that, four small pond-like bodies of water. This is really where it becomes a birding hike as you will see plenty of birds perched on trees, walking in the shallows, or flying up above. You may be greeted with different water fowl, turtles, and an alligator(s). This is definitely the place to have a picnic, sketch some of the scenery, or set up the tripod. I could stay here for hours and just watch.

Birding Hike

The Spring to Spring Trail

One of the trails at Audubon Park intersects with the Spring to Spring Trail in Volusia County. It is open to cyclists, runners and, walkers and connects various springs in Volusia County. I have yet to take of advantage of all that the Spring to Spring Trail has to offer. I look forward to returning and exploring it with my family.

Birding Hike
Spring to Spring Trail

Trail Loop

The final leg of my trip took me through another shady trail. This trail is a great place to look for spiders and spider webs (a favorite with kids). This path also takes you past a small farm, beside the wetland, and back to the boardwalk. It is a lovely walk, but you are unlikely to spot many birds along this route.

Birding Hike

Birding Hike

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Looking for the perfect, off the beaten path birding hike? Check out Audubon Park in Central Florida. It is small, quiet, and gives you many opportunities to spot various birds and other native wildlife. No entry fee, plenty of parking, and dog friendly.

Final Thoughts

Audubon Park is a fantastic place for a birding hike or a nice nature walk. It is beautiful and quiet. There is plenty to enjoy even with the kids. I have been with the kids and they don’t scare away the wildlife!! 🙂 The kids have enjoyed the birding hike and have collected tons rocks and sticks along the way. The park is located in Central Florida at the corner of Lush Ln. and Doyle Rd., Deltona, Florida 32738. GPS Coordinates: 28.85969,-81.200425

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